QR Codes lead to involvement

photo 2

The QR code sign at our booth

At the #NACCDOPAN conference, each exhibitor has a sign with a QR code. The organization is doing a great job of encouraging attendees to visit all the exhibitors, and they have arranged a scavenger hunt. Attendees scan a unique QR code at each booth, which brings up a question (a self-promotional question provided by each exhibitor). The attendees score points for each correct answer, and the winners will receive some great swag.

This happens at many conferences, but is often done manually with stickers or rubber stamps. Inviting the attendees to move up to the digital process has a few advantages:

  1. They get more comfortable using their smartphones.
  2. Since they register their phone prior to beginning the “scavenger hunt” each attendee’s score is also shown on a “leader board” (see below) in the exhibit area, providing interactivity, enhancing competition, and further demonstrating the value of the data that is collected.

If your nonprofit has any sort of geographic “presence” consider QR codes as methods of user interaction and additional content delivery. For example, a museum could have a unique QR code at major exhibits that give additional content about the exhibit. The web page called by the QR code could provide video or voice, obsoleting the bulky walkmans with headphones that pervade many institutions.

Or, consider its applications at fundraising events. Encouraging the posting of selfies at the start and finish lines, or instructions at other locations, is a great way to involve sponsors and participants.

What have you done with QR codes?


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