Does Taco Bell Care More Than You Do?


Of course not. You’re deeply motivated by your cause, and you love your donors. It’s an insult to compare you to that entry-wage, barely-articulate cashier at a fast food joint.

And yet, that cashier gave you a receipt with an invitation to gather your feedback, ostensibly for the purposes of improving your future Taco Bell visit. Do YOU ask for feedback regularly enough?

While our mantra at Amergent is “Donor Focused, Data Driven” we don’t just rely on our sophisticated analytical processes for the “data.” We often insert short surveys in our direct mail pieces, or links to online surveys in our emails. We know there are many benefits to frequently asking your supporters a very short number of questions on a regular basis.

  1. Everyone likes to have their opinion valued. Even if they don’t complete the survey, they’re flattered to have been asked.
  2. The results  help us with segmentation of donor files and targeting of messages.
  3. The words the donors use themselves are very helpful to future copywriting efforts. By using the more popular verbs and adjectives in fundraising copy, we’re talking with the donor, not to her.
  4. If you repeat a survey question every six months or a year, you’ll be able to track trends in donor satisfaction, or in demographics

When and where to ask? Like they joke about voting in Chicago, “Early, and Often.”

  • It’s easy to include one line and a link in email newsletters.
  • It’s great follow-up content for the “thank you for donating” or “thank you for subscribing” emails and pages.
  • Sprinkle the links around various content pages in your website.
  • Don’t make it a popup on your start page, or on any entry page, or on your donation page (don’t distract people from where they want to go, especially if it’s also where you want them to go).

As an example (and because I care, too) I’ve created a short survey using a free subscription to, and I’d like you to complete it now. Thanks!


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